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Whats the Best weapon in Venge.io? Venge.io weapons RANKED

ZB Stepps
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The Venge.io weapons ranked! Which is your favourite weapon?


  1. Can you make a new video of all weapons ranked? They added an AK-47 and they added the deagle and the m4 in game can you please rank them? I am having trouble what to choose

  2. I feel like the Pump is not that bad. Needs just a bit of training, that's all 😄

  3. Honestly, I think the sniper is the best. It's probably because I have great precision and not much practice with the scar. But I agree with you about the shotgun. It's complete trash

  4. I am Pretty good with the Shotgun! One of my favorite weapons in the game

  5. My personal favorites are the Scar and Shotgun. If you know how to use the Shotgun it can be very op, and the Scar is the best all around

  6. For me
    1. Tec 9
    2. Scar
    3. Shotgun
    4. Sniper

  7. Anyone see Mobile_13597379043 poping off with 17 consecutive sniper headshots?!?!

  8. My aiming is reallyyy good. I literally only use shotgun cause i am not that swift and fast moving. I can't jump around a lot. so Shotgun is my favourite.

  9. my list of the most FUN weapons to play with
    4. Tec-9 what is fun about this weapon like rly
    3.Shotgun super fun to one pump but too inconsistent
    2. Scar literaly melts anyone no matter what best gun
    1. Sniper imagine the shotgun with range and its consistent and crazy rewarding if u can hit ur shots usually in close quarter fights if i dont kill the enemy with the first shot then i melee and kill them too easy

  10. I main shotgun. Snice this video it has been buffed. I average 28 kills a game with it and my current KDR is 5.25. I consider myself GOD TIER at Venge.io

  11. All My Favorite Things About The Guns In Venge.Io
    1: The Scar Is Really The Good One On Long Range And Short Range
    2: The Tec-9 Is Super Weak But You Can Tell It On Tundra
    3: The Sniper Gives The Enemy 95% Damage So We Can Tell It Is Good Enough
    4: The Shotgun Is Super Detailed So I Give It A 100% But It Helps Me Win


  13. you have a cheat ? 0,25 speed at 1,35 sec

  14. i like the shotty and sniper i can 2 tap or most of the time 1 tap ppl

  15. shotgun can be good if you have good movement because you can just run around the map one pumping people

  16. the funny part is when you go the desc it shows valorant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. a few monthe before they liertly nerfed the shotgun so hard that it isn't playable anymore bofore it was totaly the best

  18. Scar is the number 1 so Scar is best for me only when I hack in venge.io then all the guns are useful.And by the way I hack i am sad

  19. All guns are best if we are pro and use it properly.

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