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What is the best card in venge.io? | Venge.io Cards Ranked!

ZB Stepps
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  1. Dude plz give em some vg plz I watch y’all vedios and I also subbed and liked

  2. i play in asian servers and when i click play button the game is not starting and nothing is happening . to be exact, the play button do not work .i tried changing servers and using vpn switching browsers using incognito installing app version and nothing is fixing my problemplease help !!!

  3. Nahhhh. musle shock is better dude 😀

  4. i am ProSpirit i played with u a 1 or 2 hours ago im a big fan of yours and i wanted to be the first viewer to watch your video but couldnt 🙂 k big fan man

  5. Imo Muscle shock is better than venom. You can still shoot while venomed.

  6. i think freeze bomb is better than venom cuz you cant move or shoot during it. but it doesn't last long so I get it

  7. Just got into this game for a couple days recently. It's really fun.

  8. Why is everyone else’s shurikans or however you spell it) so much more accurate them mine?

  9. hey man which is best character? because i play that game my account the ninja

  10. Glad that you have more than 81 likes now

  11. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37

  12. I don’t think so cuz if u have venom you can shoot and on frost bomb not so Frost on 1 ? Clean vid anyway (watching it the 17.time )

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