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”Walk Man” Venge.io Sniper Montage 4k !!!

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My first venge gameplay! IM DOING A TOURNAMENT (20k-40k Vg prize pot) CHECK DISCORD FOR ALL THE INFO!!

Game played :

Song used : TMG – Walk Man (Official Video)
I stream on twitch! :
Join my discord : (i do giveaways)
edited and uploaded by zixer
Thumbnail made by Bean#0819


  1. bruh this is the most fakes shit look the same person is in the same game every time

  2. bro this guys editing is just godlike and i checked ur subs and u only have 600+ subs????////// BRO EVERYONE NEEDS TO SUB TO THIS EPIC MAN HE IS SOOOOO UNDERRATED

  3. What app do you use for screen recording and editing?
    Pls respond me

  4. Can u please help me I’ve been playing this gaming recently and what is scope In on keyboard

  5. sheesh man! these 360's were epic!!! I like the edit and everything noice vid all in all 🙂

  6. Hacker!!! Watch the video in slow motion not a single shot gone on head but headshot!!

  7. can you teach me how i can play like you please

  8. how i can add credit of the song in description

  9. bro can u join m y calan clans name is cybergamers

  10. the best afranco you really are an inspiration

  11. Noice Epik Kills u got dem childs raging

  12. With what program are you editing your thumbnails GG nice montage btw 😉 pls answer

  13. the editing and gameplay are amazing. What software did u use to edit this?

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