XMAS 100k VG Crate Opening - XMAS 100k VG Crate Opening

GG Jay
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#Vengeio #Venge XMAS 100k VG Crate Opening

In this Video the Christmas Update dropped WHICH MEANS unboxing time, yes thats right were unboxing 100k VG to try and get the new Mythical skins Lets goooo!!!!!

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Also we’ve started a Brand new Gaming Clan and we welcome you all to join it,

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  1. they should add the griddy as a dance in vengethat would be realy cool

  2. I think the reason they only make skins for lilum and shin is cuz they r the most ppl use them I think

  3. Hey is level 123 good kids say level is not good am level tell if good

  4. Do u buy vg because no way u earn all that vg

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