This was a Mess 10k VG Give away - This was a Mess 10k VG Give away

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#vengeio #fps #venge This was a Mess 10k VG Give away

Hello ladies and gents and welcome back to yet another Video today we go back to the scar, as i think its better then the AK at present

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  1. 10k VG giveaway in this video watch the vid all the way through to find out how you can enter <3

  2. Iam back on the venge community and I hope to get the 10k cause I want my legendary skins back

  3. Bro I am a big fan of u I liked shared and subscribed to U . My venge id-infinityfly4 (btw my kdr is low only 0.78 percent)

  4. it's not going to start ANY random match, only the private i create, how?

  5. please give me vgs please
    please give me some vgs

  6. Lol I play on mobile which means I can’t get the ability cards 😖 but at least I have autofire

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