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(Venge.io) THEY ADDED THIS AGAIN + Gameplay

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Looking at the weapon works if u press J


  1. hi cyborg what kind of mod is that i wanna try it 🙂

  2. its uploaded . in midnight . its 1:51AM after night … and that comment is after 3 minutes of uploaded . salute to cyborg

  3. actually . i wanted that thing to make my montage . but is thsi works on browser

  4. imagine being a pro and then using the tec 9?


  5. Me after killing enemy instead of dancing
    Spam J

  6. bro please give me some stylish crosshair or stylish scopes please

  7. I want the sniper and the yellow crosshair link plz

  8. Do you have to press a key or it's automatic?

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