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  1. Hey u are sniping best not the god the god of sniping in venge io is lmao am batmqn plu 1 v 1

  2. If u get another one tell me the price not to high maybe like 9,000 and when

  3. Lastly u should become a streamer once I hit 1k followers or subs on a major platfrom u have a chance at getting verified

  4. Have a nice FPS=Invincible
    I am hvaing BAD FPS 🙁

  5. Entonces yo sola mente me falta a shin a nadie mas

  6. Top 10 questions even science cannot answer
    1. how does shin snowman run without proper legs

  7. Try adjusting the speed of the background music to like 1.25x or 125%. So you don't get copyrighted xD

  8. hablas español,bueno creo que si una vez jugaste conmigo
    mi usuario es Karla$01

  9. bro i want to make my channel how to do screen recording

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