sniper montage | Let you - sniper montage | Let you

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Hello :D, this is my first montage ever so i hope it’s not too bad 🙂


  1. Yo bro it would be nice when u do a vid i meet u ingame im: Jaydenon_30fps
    When u want 1v1 im here 😀

  2. really good sniping proud to have you in my clan😎

  3. yoo i wil join 6SEA please show how to downlad venge client on a mac ad get a mood like that

  4. Hey noob u beat me na i not in mod either u beat u if u have any sniper skill fight with 7sea am batman then u see what do sniper god

  5. Hey how can I change the control I know control but I wat te focous on z but the of shift how can u change it to z plz tell me bro

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