VENGE.IO | Sierra Nade Guide! -

VENGE.IO | Sierra Nade Guide!

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In this video I explain how to use some basic Lilium Grenades in! Leave a comment below if you want to see a guide for Mistle and Xibalba too!

DM if you have any questions.
Discord: Izzibaby#5917


  1. Even to this day, 3 years later, this is incredibly useful. The grenade is what converted me from a shin main to a Lillium main. I have followed the strats so many times and people fall for them or can’t escape still today. I am yet to try some made throws to try out but I’m sure I will get someone with them. Awesome video and awesome guide.

  2. Love the vid Izzi keep it up 👍 Btw stay being amazing ❤️

  3. Those spectator shots look like it took a while to make this, and the nades are good! gj

  4. Copied my video but without the sexy voiceovers smh. Mine was outdated anyway because of vertical grenade throws I included.

  5. The Virgin Shin vs The Chad Lilium :
    – Virgin Shin : braindead, easy to use, usually really pissed when someone lows his kd down from 5 to 2, people love him because he is basic.
    – Chad Lilium : complicated, her grenade is usually hated by almost every player because of Frost bomb, hard to pubstomp but good at point.

  6. thx for ticing me now i now how to play thx so much

  7. 100% I would call you a hacker in game on some of these nades if I didn't just see you do it w/ my own eyes lol

  8. hey izzi can you tell them can i join the clan kag

  9. Yes slowly but surely we will take over, lilium will rise.

  10. I can't see the weapon too, does anyone know how to get it back?

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