VENGE.IO | Shin Trailer -

VENGE.IO | Shin Trailer

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Character Trailer for Shin within

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  1. The edits make it look so clean almost as if the developers made it! Nice

  2. Shin must be a really cool character ! Can't wait for its arrival omg 😍

  3. A masterpiece. Waiting for Izzi to go to universal studios xD

  4. I'm taking a venge rap and this is great I can use it

  5. Shin or well known as mystery ninja has entered the chat

  6. Kindly use headphones😂❤️love it izzi well done and nice edits❤️👍

  7. how tf is the link TDbad, i remember you from ks when surviv was still a thing lmao. Is it just a coincidence? We shall never know

  8. Nice video so epic! My most favorite character in venge is Shin. I use him everytime.

  9. holaaaa, quiero usar tu intro para mi gameplay !! te voy a mencionar en mi video :3 <3 espero no te molestes, te daré tus creditos !! <3

  10. anyone else remember when shin was relevant before he got nerfed hard?

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