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Ladies and gents we’ve got a Banger for you today , i can not believe our luck in this one. Today we do a 80k crate unboxing video, and oh my lordy was this a good one.

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  1. 1:54 Legendary Medusa (Skin for scar)
    2:27 Legendary Outlines (Scar)
    2:52 Mythical Blaze (Scar)
    5:28 Legendary Medusa (Skin for scar)
    6:03 Legendary Shuriken (charm)
    6:35 Legendary Pretty Girl (Sniper)
    6:54 Legendary Blissful (tec9)
    7:29 Legendary Trap (emote)
    8:09 Legendary Wirl (emote)
    8:40 Legendary Trap (emote)
    8:48 Legendary DNA (tec9)
    8:40 Legendary Outlines (scar)
    9:39 Legendary Shuriken (charm)
    10:38 Legendary Equator (Sniper)
    10:54 Legendary Medusa (Skin for scar)
    11:39 Legendary Shuriken (charm)

    Spent : 80k vg
    Current Market Value( 72,350 + common to rare skins = Profit

  2. oh and just to flex i got 3 blazes in 1 unboxing lol

  3. All of Ranchi shouting DHONI…❤

    All of India shouting MAHI…💙

    All of Cskians shouting THALA…💛

  4. ive been playing for 10 months and have 0 mythics (except for one useless emoji)

  5. I love the I've watched u for ages and I am a level ten on venge io and I'm really happy but I was wandering if u could follow me tedsta123 it would
    be a amazing experience for me please follow tedsta123 please pleas please

  6. I need help

    When u make a clan

    How do u make like the clan tag

    Like how u have [kag]. How do u make it colored like how yours is red

  7. Hi, I'm your super fan, can you 10,000 please, I'm your super fan, my name in Venge is Angel5745

  8. hey, I got a Blaze up on the market for anyone who wants one. it'll help me out…

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