[NOOB to PRO journey] Must watch! {Edited} Subscribe! - [NOOB to PRO journey] Must watch! {Edited} Subscribe!

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🙂 guys Thanks!


  1. Can you share the custom scope png file

    Well I'm [SHOT]>_terminal
    Today i played with you 😂
    Big fen

  2. Before if you see is level 1 the Noob proo

  3. I like and subscribe your channel .

  4. Yo my name is samrattt we meet on a match yesterday

  5. The journey will await becoming a shot play into a GOD but this has to be scripted lmao

  6. Avayv used this song on the dead friendship stautues

  7. ggs you are pro now btw i know no one can be that noob even if they start playing now

  8. If you want to be professional, you have to practice

  9. bruhh that guy said if you are in a clan you noob good transition

  10. You should of hammer spammed him when you switched to ur real account

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