No Hands Challenge - No Hands Challenge

GG Jay
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Yes thats right ladies and gents we are back with another video , but in todays video we are not doing a Crate opening nope we do be ding some gameplay BUT i was asked to do a no hands challenge , now ive never actually tried this so i went in to this blind, hope you enjoy

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  1. great vid! when will pro league info vid come out?

  2. No hands…… I was thinking you was gonna play with something else big flushed

  3. my name is tedsta123 on venge io can u please follow me I have been watching your channel since I was little kid and it would be a amazing experience for me. (love the vid by the way)

  4. Lol, I thought you were gonna be playing with your mouth or eyes or something lmao

  5. I use no hands from the starting
    You using now
    Lol 😂
    Anyways great vid
    Keep it up!!

  6. i need a help broo when am logging in in venge its saying check login credentials …. plz help .. :weary:

  7. New VIDEO AAAAAHWW when DOES it come. PLEASE PLEASE do a Venge vid

  8. He says fack you and you say oh yeah that’s not a bad idea 5:47 AHAHAHHAAH JAY

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