MRS.CLAUSE Gameplay - MRS.CLAUSE Gameplay

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Happy Easter!
Playing and sniping with clause in venge!
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  1. most of the sniper kills are headshots u are so pro!

  2. Damn when even I start the match all are bots
    This increases my kdr in CYRG account

  3. bro i really wish i had vgs to buy skins and cool characters ;-; anyway YOU PLAY VERY WELL ✌️🤓

  4. sheesh u re becoming too good buddy

    btw how do u play with guests?

  5. join skze clan pls guys we clan make it to level 1

    every requst will be accpected no kd required

  6. bro ma nam in venge is Rithish. pls donate me vg

  7. hey bro i know you guys i have played with all you guys

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