Mobile Gameplay - Mobile Gameplay

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  1. For those who are asking question how to scope on mobile, froget it. Cause in the video, he said there's a glitch that you can aimbot by move the crossair to the enemy, so i think the scope is really useless. Even the abilites are useless, too.

  2. To be honest i hate the controller layout but still you make a perfect channel so keep it up i hope you get 1 million subs!

  3. Nice I can’t choose I have a competition in this game and I’m thinking I play on my PC or Iphone

  4. Bruh in mobile you can’t have scope and also u cannot reload a gun

  5. How you dowloed the game in mobile

  6. can u add neefix fight back and neffix cold? btw i am new 😀

  7. how to fix pixelated screen in mobile plz tell

  8. I can’t figure out how you used that ability

  9. Cómo hace para jugar en pantalla completa?

  10. The number of headshots is greater than my deaths in phone with the help of shotgun

  11. The main problem with scar is that it is good for still enemies on mobile but with emulators they open their scope and at the moment we are dead

  12. I played this on Chrome on mobile device…I'm still struggling with the controls they are so slow and laggy.
    I can't even kill, and I get killed at least 20 times in every game, I get killed 3-4 times less than 30 minutes…I can't even jump over walls, always get stuck…the hammer is useless and the dance…uh..I do that when I feel like a noob so I just dance in there waiting for someone to kill me. I killed a few people only by luck or when they are afk.

  13. Fui tenta joga mobile mas não to achando na play store so no site mas os controle tão bugado

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