VENGE.IO | INSANE 100,000 VG Unboxing | KaG Geno -

VENGE.IO | INSANE 100,000 VG Unboxing | KaG Geno

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I hope you enjoyed this unboxing! This was WAY too much fun and I hope you had as much fun watching! I can’t wait to show you guys more fun Venge content in the future!


  1. “Image if that was moving now.”I think thats called an animated skin

  2. I really love your channel you are a legend Geno <3

  3. I’m going to try this game now it seem so much fun

  4. We take those two Legendary assault rifles though! ;D

  5. i guess they give much chances of luck to those who earn VG through playing than buying some, coz i got my rare with only 3 attempts of playing ^_^ just my theory ….

  6. bro I just released my gun got in the game while watching u lol

  7. Epic gaming moment, it beemo btw haha if u remember with will. Have a good one

  8. yo its me Thicc_Potato from venge
    the guy that u were trick shotting

  9. Comment for YouTube algorithm also fame here (:

  10. Yo, nice content, dude. I make similar stuff like this. You have my full support!

  11. bro i also want legendary skins
    i am really jealous of u

  12. hi wedtrash53 here just found your youtube channel and im really glad that i did

  13. While I try to get nothing and get blaze and Polar at the same day. Great video Geno. KAG on top

  14. That’s a lot of VG. Literally an insane unboxing.

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