flawless 45-0 Killstreak - flawless 45-0 Killstreak

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Im back with venge videos! In a few days a video about a hacker in my lobby.
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Play the Game here :
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Take care guys , thanks for watching.
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  1. i wish i was in that noob lobby

  2. Bro why r the guests playing on a toaster

  3. XD it feels like I’m enderious when I play on a afk server or guests server nil but pretty *₹(₹*&( FACTS

  4. Any idea why so many matches only have guest players?

  5. a 100/10 to the player I'm watching

    good shots

    greetings crack

  6. ggs. my idol since im starting on venge. ~kinarnot

  7. Pleas cyborg can you accept me name is freedomRider_TTV

  8. What you use to record when u
    record its smooth af by the
    way @Cyborg Also Do You Play
    On PC Or MacBook Also I Can't Wait
    For you to get 1k subs on yt and plus
    i cant also wait for the giveaway

  9. and even more amaizing in less than the regular time

  10. hi cyborg its me chris emherson iligan i changed my profile name and picture i hope u still remember me 🙂

  11. gg for you 45 kill , my record personnal is 37 kill on sniper with 36 headshot and i can the prove

  12. Nice gameplay qu’en tout News vidéo on venge ?

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