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I recorded a video of me playing gungame in 60 FPS. I know, it’s smooth!
Note: Make sure that you set the Video Quality to either 720P OR set it to 1080P. Then only you will
be able to experience 60 FPS!
Please join my clan KillerLava (It’s clan tag is JUMP)
See you in the next video….
#Venge #Vengeio #60FPS


  1. Hope you all liked it!!! I'm sorry that I couldn't edit it. I will try to edit the next video! if you have any suggestions, please tell them in the comments!

  2. no man, no suggestions from me other than editing (but its not compulsory for editing) other than that AS ALWAYS U HAVE AMAZING GAMEPLAY AND STAY SAFE U GUYS! 🙂

  3. I did not know that are progamer are in this game😮

  4. Bro you have extra skin of lilium if you have please give me 🥺

  5. i am technogodd and u called me hacker lol

  6. how are u even good. Hamering isn't even cool I followed u as russaindood lets do a 1v1 one day. And I dare u to post it on youtube. All you is hammer and shoot no skill

  7. My boy, give me a shoutout for my yt channel plz u said u would like 3 months ago or something idk?

  8. Can you tell me how are you getting such a smooth 60+ fps gameplay?

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