Grenade Spots and Tips - Grenade Spots and Tips

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Update: got updated and they gave grenades a vertical limit. This may make a few of the throws shown impossible.

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  1. Thanks bro for those nice tips of nades 😍🥰✌✌😘

  2. low key my mom broken my phone in i was bored but when i play this game i am not bored no more

  3. i want to make this game come out faster its so good

  4. Huh, i think the Spark spiter are better than Curse.

  5. On xibalba, how do you get up there so high on the floor?

  6. how to use abilities in pc any botton plz tell me

  7. Midnight curse works better because frost bomb freezes the enemy, if it is a good player, they will know that you are coming at them when freezes them through walls, bad player will just run away by the time you get to them.
    Oh and because curse lasts longer, you have a chance to throw another nade after the effect is gone.

  8. Thanks for this I got better at the grenade and even got 3 grenade kills in one game.(witch is good for me

  9. I have play againts him 3 times

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