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PLAY HERE – is an action online game where you fight against real players in the arena. In total, you will be in one arena and your goal will be to occupy 3 points, which you can see on the map. The amazing digital circus gangle mask is your passport to a surreal realm where pixels dance, code comes to life, and innovation takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a digital spectacle that pushes the boundaries of imagination.


  1. I played this on Chrome on mobile device…I'm still struggling with the controls they are so slow and laggy.I can't even kill, and I get killed at least 20 times in every game, I get killed 3-4 times less than 30 minutes…I can't even jump over walls, always get stuck…the hammer is useless and the dance…uh..I do that when I feel like a noob so I just dance in there waiting for someone to kill me. I killed a few people only by luck or when they are afk.

  2. Hope they'll add more skills and characters ❤️❤️

  3. yo lo guego pero lo que pasa es que yo que yo lo tengu en le qiuputador

  4. so many people hack this it's not even worth playing lol

  5. so i play on laptop and im goated but my mom got me a mouse now

  6. This game has too much potential. This is the thing Chromebook users like me needed.

  7. I discovered this for the first time

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