Axe and Shin (Halloween update) custom - Axe and Shin (Halloween update) custom

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Something custom and let me know if you enjoyed it!

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  1. ne7ka, i strongly suggest you pin this message or make your own. Anyways, here is what is going on. ne7ka edited the files so he can use the knife in other maps. It is currently not possible to get the knife in Sierra, Xibalba, or Mistle without altering the game's code. It is also against TOS to do this type of thing. Please do not attempt to get the knife in maps other than Tundra, as it could risk your account getting deleted and banned.

  2. I am guessing you took the tundra knife and put this axe instead of it. And then modified the game to give you the weapon in Sierra. Btw the axe looking like a 7 XD. Also, this is kinda not allowed lol. But nice video setup and cool thumbnail too 🙂

  3. if you want to play then my I’d is swarnavachattopo

  4. The other player playing with you should be kicked out because of AKF

  5. Oo so you died also but never shown the parts where you died😅

  6. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37.

  7. How do you change the aspects of the game to blue

  8. I love da music! And our man Shady's right.

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