[A very weird moment with my friend....] - [A very weird moment with my friend….]

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  1. ive been in a a map kinda like this it was temple but with skulls and skelletons

  2. i was in the same situaton but the main ma was Sierra and the mixed one was tundra i think that was weird

  3. Yes, it happened to me too … watch my videos.

  4. Sometimes this Happens to me too, I'm chatting and asking others that do they see it? "No"

  5. اا꧅ဪဪ𒈙𒐫﷽ اا꧅ဪဪ𒈙𒐫﷽ says:

    Lmao most wired situation I’ve ever seen

  6. Wow, I really like your new Youtube image! WOW!

  7. Actually whenever you come on venge before playing again click on the same map u wanna play
    It happened with me too I was playing tundra and mistle map mixed up

  8. Ey ur friend played with my friend [BANI] bani991106 (MY FRIEND) was there!!

  9. I saw this kind of situation yesterday. My one was mistle&tundra

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