50k+ VG crate Opening - 50k+ VG crate Opening

GG Jay
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Hello Ladies and gents and welcome back to YET ANOTHER Video
today however is somewhat different, today we are Opening 50.000 worth of VG Crates Can we Get those Juicy Legendary skins

Make sure to check out

Also we’ve started a Brand new Gaming Clan and we welcome you all to join it,

Also check out my community discord server




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  1. Plz give em some vg plz dude I aslo subbed and liked my names is James_Pro_XD

  2. JAY with new vid POGG, btw check out my request for KAG

  3. Could you stop getting blissful shotguns please? Thank you for your attention. LOL

    And could you also stop getting toxic tec-9's? Thank you.

    Also, could you stop getting Gate of Zeus scar's?

    Respectfully you've gotten 5 (or more ) shotguns in that unboxing 3 of the tec-9's and 4 Gate of Zeus's.

    One final thing I would like to mention. I have 108 skins and I've unboxed 60k vg in total pepeLaugh. I mostly open tier 1's tho so it makes sense.

  4. I was told I would get 50000 vg

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