[venge.io] 50 KILLS ON SIERRA (FLAWLESS) - 2dsquirrel.com


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sorry the gameplay is muted because i was in a vc chatting with friends :p
ign: cringe
ads sens 40 hipfire sens 60
resolution 100, 1920×1080


  1. The backround music singer is like me on sugar rush singing it completely out of tune.

  2. bro not trying to hate but half ur kills were people who were afk xd

  3. Is it me ? or is that gameplay looking kinda THICC

  4. Amazing Bro! My personal kill record is 40 kills and u broke it !! Amazing!!! BTW wats ur level?

  5. This is really good. This beats my second best record.

  6. Wow 50 Kills I am your Fan 😊😊😊😊

  7. cringe i am trying to join Ur clan my names hoodss and i rlly wanna join plz

  8. whats the name of the first song he used????? so confused

  9. how, my mouse broke so i can barley kill anyone. i now use a mac to play venge.

  10. My kill record is 82 Break it cringe R.I.P CRINGE😭

  11. I'm hacker I have 1000 kills you're not better play with then you can see I'm better or no

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