[venge.io] 1V1ING WITH VIEWER (55-10) - 2dsquirrel.com

[venge.io] 1V1ING WITH VIEWER (55-10)

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:^) ign: cringe / aimer
ads sens 60, hipfire sens 85 dpi 800
not streched, 1920×1080


  1. Its very cool gameplay even u moving very fast with no lags and I know u playing in pc but u are very fast

  2. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37.

  3. How can you not see your gun? And how are you playing with stretch res?

  4. I like when guys knows there SO OP at a game they just say im mediocore

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