18k Crate Opening May the Odds be ever in your Favor - 18k Crate Opening May the Odds be ever in your Favor

GG Jay
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#Vengeio #FPS #Createopening 18k Crate Opening May the Odds be ever in your Favor

Hello ladies and gents and welcome back to another Video today as the title says we are Opening crates 18ks worth of creates I want my blissfullll set

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  1. i wish there was a video of you selling all the skins you dont want

  2. 118 skins?! Also you are missing the scar outlines!

  3. i think i made a good decision not spending all my coins on crates i have 17k vg left because i want the skin for shin and i dont wanna spend it on 30 crimson 30 shallow like you did

  4. i went a bit too far and now im left with 982 coins 😅 but STILL missing the scar outlines

  5. It's a shame you can't sell all those duplicate skins

  6. You know, I'm happy with my Crimson that I've got on my third try. I'm saving up the rest of my VG Coins to have an intimidating tryhard combo that I'll always use 😛

  7. Lol I got all the skins from only 40 unboxings, you had to open ONE HUNDRED, ggs

  8. Hey ggjay it’s savage from hordes I use to be one of your mods how’s it been

  9. Nice vid dude. Really excited about them skins. Btw didn't even know those "Sky" skin exist. I'll try to get a set of them for each weapon.

  10. try topping me unboxing 160k VG worth of crates 🙂

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