Tricks to become Pro player in every Map in -

Tricks to become Pro player in every Map in

SilverKnight VENGE
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Surprise your enemy from these tricks in any map in venge.
How to become pro Aimer:
GG, Enjoy 😉
Crosshair link (png):


  1. and i knew temple but different way to get on roof

  2. i knew the first one already but different method to get on roof

  3. how u get up there in sierra I cant do that

  4. I need help still can u tell wat the settings to show the wepon with our crosshair not from the wepon like a custom crosshair with the wepon showing but the crosshair hair for the scar it show the gun crosshair but I want to see my custom crosshair

  5. how bro do u know me i am [GMZ] Gonze i think we have seen in a match right?

  6. uhh pros don't camp, they don't need to, I'd get more kills and kill people all the time who're camping those crappy spots.

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