Top 5 TIPS to Get BETTER at VENGE.IO | Geno -

Top 5 TIPS to Get BETTER at VENGE.IO | Geno

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I hope you enjoyed this video! I hope you can find these tips useful and implement them into your gameplay! If any of these tips helped you out, let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @Geno_PC!


  1. yo wassup, nice videos keep on making them by the way your tips are actually helping me get wins and fewer deaths in and I liked the video subscribed and turn on notifications keep up the good work man!

  2. Keep up the great work Geno! Thanks for the tips!

  3. thanks for the tips it worked very well for me

  4. What kind of computer specification do you use? (Thai)

  5. I personallly use Lilium but your tips were useful.

  6. Had fun playing wit u recently bro! keep up the great work!!

  7. yowww sick vid man i'll do anything to get ur skin bro

  8. 1st = Shotgun, Scar-l, Sniper.
    2nd = Yep!
    3rd = Its Luck that you Have Better Players against,
    4th = Yep!
    5th = Yep!

  9. hey geno, remember that time me and his guy were camping outside the sierra map and u noscoped us and got me down? THEN u reported it and got the glitch patched and now im stuck with ur god tier toxicity? y u gotta be so good?

  10. Me tocaste en una partida, por eso vine aqui xdxdxd y gané 😀

  11. Geno may i pls join KAG i think im good enough to join i can show u screen shots of in game kills and deaths and i can show my states ive been training so i can be able to join kag if you really wanna see if im worthy to join kag we can 1v1 my discord is Elements#6048 and in game name is Elements i already sent a request pls let me in if u dont play anymore i understand bye geno and keep up the good work.

  12. I'm actually already good at this but this really did help

  13. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37.

  14. Invert mouse? I can’t believe you skill without it holy shit that’s hard

  15. @GenoPlays how do you get your menu to be blue and stuff?

  16. why are my fps blocked at 60 im using the browser

  17. for some reason youtube thinks youre playing fortnite lol

  18. Hey My Man KaG Geno
    Can I Join Your Clan My Name Is
    I will sub if you let me join

  19. I can't use the abilities because I'm just using a phone when playing and the ability button is covered by the search box of browser😢

  20. My mouse broke a year ago and I'm only using the thing behind the letters

  21. I just recently at school started playing with some of my guy friends, they go easy on me but i wanna get better

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