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The Ultimate Guide to

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  1. Camping is the worst thing you can do tbh, pros will use snipers and with me I just flick them.

  2. I have a question… How do you rotate your camera?

  3. Bro.. I am playing it in pc and in my game my hand is not visible.. For some reason.. It just shows that gun is floating,.. Pls tell how to fix it..

  4. -10 ping and good fps, sounds like a comp player to me xD

  5. are we not gonna talk about the fact that at 6:23 the guest said in english are u a man or not to chad

  6. I feel that TEC-9 is the BEST gun to make annihilation streak progress.

  7. It's my 3rd day playing venge and I'm 😈😈😈 people.

  8. why is venge sooo underrated it is sooo good

  9. For my keybinds their all the same but I make the buy key q

  10. Brh ff 2 months shotgun is the fucking sniper tf

  11. The question is, how do I aim down sights?
    I’m on mobile btw

  12. Mom i want valorant,

    We have valorant at home honey.

    Valorant at home :

  13. I main shotgun and I once hit someone whilst spinning at the speed of sound

  14. I upload the same content, please support me

  15. can i ask what does following a person mean wut canthat do?

  16. can someone please tell me hoe to get shin and the other girl I'm fairly new

  17. Can you make a list of keyboard controls please? 🙂

  18. Why your weapon was so stable mine when I shot it will go up and down

  19. how do you join a clan ore make a clan help

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