Contraband VENGE
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  1. very sad i feel bad how a student feels and being a gamer 😭😭 i feel bad i hope you get good luck till that bye 😭

  2. A hacker gave my account back it
    my account was on level 46

  3. that whore jayden he did stole my blaze bana bash and many other mythical i am feeling with you contraband and you are a champion because you are good at school my main acc now is ..VENGE..

  4. Contraband VENGE, I feel very sorry for you that you lost your hard work by a hacker. I will not un-subscribe, don't worry. Good luck with your school. Also look at the comments! Everyone including me is wanting you to feel better and work hard on venge. So don't be sad, we will support you and you will be fine. I will wish you to be able to stand up as a VIP Pro Venge Player again. Thank you all for your hard work.

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