The Return of a long lost map | -

The Return of a long lost map |

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Big thanks to Cem to let me do anything to the map! Couldn’t have done any of this without his approval; Apologies for being the dead im just mega slow yknow? aka venge no update BUT update back so I must spam content! Until then, enjoy the video and leave a comment on your opinion on the map!


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  1. hey enderious can i please join your clan

  2. lets go venge devs coming in clutch right when i was about to lose interest in the game

  3. ender can you make a vid about how to get custom crosshair i know how but want to know how you do it

  4. nice vid, glad to see that someone is bringing back are favorite map!


    (Also ever since the new update i can’t control my character on mobile i contacted the developers but nothing.)

  6. which app u using to edit ur maps i need it to edit my map

  7. bro i remember
    when i used to get this map on random and it was a rare occurrence to

  8. Lengends say he’s the new map editor

  9. give me a code pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!

  10. Im getting good on trackpad my mouse broke XD

  11. lol i love this map
    brings the haunted and feels chill

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