The New Update Is CRAZY! -

The New Update Is CRAZY!

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This update was HUGE for the game. There was a ton of new things added and it’s just overall pretty darn cool. Hope you like the video!


Venge discord:
My clan discord/official discord server:
My discord tag: Anon.#3258

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  1. u can see change log from site as well -_-, near TOS

  2. Come down it’s just a Update man without a character

  3. Yo, and there is a really big bug.
    When I use my card ebility, it wont work for hero Shin !!!

  4. veange io is a amazing game but many people is not playing it and I think someday that venge io will gonna be a best game ever

  5. 🔥
    Great content keep up the good work homie, support from "Mobile Gameplay"❤️

  6. if we kill any player his death animation is also changed

  7. Hi Anon can you pls tell me how did you put that [ANON] in your venge name plsss

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