The best Update??????? 1.2.0 -

The best Update??????? 1.2.0

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This has to be the best Venge video I’ve made

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  1. i want to know how to make my videos in youtube appear in venge

  2. what is the "lilium k1ller" charm for?

  3. aight bro am getting back at venge after 6-7 months

  4. Congratulate! they made sh!t out of a diamond

  5. Also, an op glitch is that when you die you can spam the character abilities, so let’s say you die as Lillium you can spam the bomb and shin is shuriken.

  6. Actually I don't think that venge is properly optimised for performance because venge is, I think a very light game for PC's but, It lags a lot during matches when there are 5-6 players in one match, It works fine with 2-4 players but when more players join the game even becomes unplayable and it struggles to give even constant 30fps

    And another thing that there is a glitch in new update, sometimes when we select sierra and tundra together to play then we sometimes join into tundra map but with sierra's game mode [ Sierra Point ] instead of tundra's gungame.

  7. (v1.2.5) – 21 Feb 2023
    – Timer fixed.

    (v1.2.4) – 20 Feb 2023
    – Matchmaking changes.
    – Default camera FOV changes.
    – Mobile fixes.
    – Game finish and redirection bugs fixed.

    (v1.2.3) – 19 Feb 2023
    – Muscle shock, frost bomb and venom movement slow affect glitch fixed.
    – Auto-login added for home page.
    – Map selection glitch fixed.
    – Ivies from Sierra removed to gain performance.
    – Matchmaking puts you in the newly started games instead of ending ones.

    (v1.2.2) – 18 Feb 2023
    – Emote fixed.
    – Auto country selection fixed.
    – Map selection thumbnail fixed.
    – Equip item on inventory issues fixed.

    (v1.2.1) – 18 Feb 2023
    – Version bump!

    (v1.2.0) – 18 Feb 2023
    – New UI changes.
    – Invite fixes.
    – Anti-cheat improvements.

  8. Bro what was that shotgun launch at the end? You went flying in the air 😮

  9. there is onemore glitch that you are not able to change your controls and keybinds

  10. Is it possible to join your clan my name in the game Khaled 777 level 40🥰🖤😭

  11. Is it possible to join your clan my name in the game Khaled 777 level 40

  12. Btw there isn't any option to talk with friends in venge new update?!

  13. Hi origami master, where can i find market?

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