Super aggressive gameplay || Zombi3Madn3ss -

Super aggressive gameplay || Zombi3Madn3ss

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Watch and Enjoy!!

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  1. I am super jealous about your fps 🙁
    My pc is no-more to play Venge 🙁

  2. What you working but how are play venge but nice I a m glad u r back😊😭❤️👍

  3. I Zombi3madn3ss pls can you shop clown lilium 30K vg pls?

  4. yooo just played with you earlier today and i gotta say i love the snowman skin thoo
    tbh i wish i could record my games but my game lags when i try to record venge with obs

  5. May I know what skin you use for the Scar and for the Sniper?

  6. Hey snow man skin is legendry or mytical

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