SULTAI CRAB BADGER! It's exactly what it sounds like... 【 MODERN MTG Gameplay 】 -

SULTAI CRAB BADGER! It’s exactly what it sounds like… 【 MODERN MTG Gameplay 】

Meryn MTG
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Our Outlaws of Thunder Junction journey through the Modern format continues as we try out the brand new Stubborn Burrowfiend and Rise of the Varmints in a Sultai Self Mill deck. Stubborn Burrowfiend is a new Saddle card that gets stronger for the number of creature cards in your graveyard, and Rise of the Varmints has the new plotted mechanic and makes a 2/1 token for each creature card in your graveyard. This deck is trying to mill itself to fill the graveyard quickly so our guys can basically just 1 shot our opponent.

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  1. Match against Bloodmoon and you still decided not to go with a Basic Land and run again into the Moon. 😂

  2. Idk if Tyvar and the saddle creature make more result than Vengevine and other "returning from graveyard" creature. But it's indeed, a fun list!

  3. Cool list and awesome find with the badger card. I think if you're doing the crab/merfolk things you need vengevine to go that hard, otherwise souls of the lost for your midrangey plan you're doing

  4. Badgers? BADGERS?! We don't NEED no STINKIN' BADGERS!

  5. Thats kinda pioneer deck, except from the actual crab

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