Showcasing the new X-Mas Update in! -

Showcasing the new X-Mas Update in!

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They turned the normal Sierra into a snow Sierra and added these new skins

-Cold Candy AK
-Cold Candy Deagle
-Echo Deer
-Ginger Grinch (Kulu)
-Noel Lilium
-Cold Candy M4
-Cold Candy Scar
-Cold Candy Shotgun
-Cold Candy Sniper
-Shin Snowman 2.0
-Cold Candy Tec-9

Check out the game :

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  1. We should make a video random cause I make vids and we should play together

  2. Hi geiles Video! Hab unter nem anderen Kommentar gesehen das bald ein krunker unboxing kommt. Da freue ich mich jetzt schon! Bin übrigens krunk flo aber halt mit dem 2 account

  3. Please take a look at mistle map, look like a mix of red, green, and blue. I hate this Xmas update

  4. wanna 1 v 1?
    I´m pelack in the game, when you ´re ready

  5. Noice but I’m trying to buy snowman2.0

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