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Joined late and got a lucky lobby managing to pull a solid 48-0 game with 11K XP, first time I was actually recording when this happened xD
Ill be uploading a tad more often to recover from my unannounced break lol


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  1. Couldn't do it without abilities, Cringe. KEKW

  2. Damn bro that was the best flawless dub you had yet

  3. Damn Back to back uploads? who are you and what have you done to ender!!
    Pog video but im getting deja vu with the footage

  4. Why does venge says game disconnected everytime

  5. Echophobia
    Awesome vid endr keep the hard work up 🙂

  6. I can confidently say you missed some people, I diagnose you with bad

  7. where's the easy 50 bomb vid? i knw zbstepps is gonna love it 🙂

  8. Ender you bastard, how good are you gonna get at the game

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