[NERD] Origami_Masters Vs. [CYRG] randomTyp 1v1 in Venge.io - 2dsquirrel.com

[NERD] Origami_Masters Vs. [CYRG] randomTyp 1v1 in Venge.io

Origami Masters
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GG to Cyborg, he put up a good fight!

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  1. Sorry for the audio quality, the music that I was playing was copyrighted.

  2. Hi bro I am ERICK100. In venge (your pro bro)😎😎nice

  3. GGs bro, you are pro mann!! am xXKing_ZXx, I will 1v1 with you soon 🙂

  4. would u like to match with me am s_mr_sherlock sniper only match??

  5. This is just me 1v1ing ang with 30 fps I made a vid about it >:(<

  6. Oribad actually using scar [for most of the games], impressive lol; it was expected you'd woop his ass gg

  7. cyborg is better than origami with the sniper the other weapons have lag lmfao

  8. I like your vids and your origami folding skills

  9. wow clan NERD me join clan you!!!!!!!!! :*

  10. that crosshair is nice can i get the link for it?

  11. What button do you use in Venge to reload?

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