Making a Map in 1 hour in -

Making a Map in 1 hour in

ZB Stepps
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Map Speedrun in 1 hour.

Clearly I’m terrible at making maps and timekeeping so I’ll be updating it soon.

sub for my everlasting respect!


  1. hi how do you make a map can you share me the link pls

  2. Poggies, nice video ZB, making me wanna make a map again now lol 🙂

  3. Could you buy the kulu charecter and make a vid for it? btw nice video

  4. ik how u got verifed u have enderious and tomogunchi (tomogunchi is a mod but not enderious and u have 500sub+ thats how u got verifed

  5. I jjust like your ECHO videos becoz
    All are using ECHO and making him happy
    Beocz of your ECHO guide!!

  6. I would love for you to make a video where you rate the most popular custom maps out of 10.

  7. lol how could u have thsi much vg. evne I m at level 33 I have only around 9k

  8. If I win this 5k vg giveaway I will be so happy

  9. make a video ranking clans out of ten—-(vfd)terzo

  10. This map is better than most other maps i have ever seen
    Good Job ZB

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