Lillium Bomb Placement // Pro Tips -

Lillium Bomb Placement // Pro Tips

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Let me know if I helped you guys out! As always thank you for the support, watch my twitch @ for more content! Let me know if I missed any bomb placement strategies! Also let me know if anything was confusing and I can make another video going more in depth.

Also BIG BIG thank you to R7AN? for making and allowing me to use his images for thumbnails, ( I have no idea how to make thumbnails as good as him so without him I’d be lost ) Please follow his socials listed below and show him some love!

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  1. How to send venge io link to my friends

  2. I m grinding vg and if u have agent PLEASE sell till 30k

  3. will u give everyone 5 k vg when u become 100 subs?

  4. Can u put the link of the sniper scope pls?

  5. Bro thanks u gave me an OLED at 30k
    That helped me a lot

  6. But you don't have shin clown haha 😃🤣🤣

  7. How did u get the map XIBALBA ? Its already removed right?

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