Kizaru Will Show Up On Egghead Island & Destroy Everyone With THIS -

Kizaru Will Show Up On Egghead Island & Destroy Everyone With THIS

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One Piece Theory Discussion about the Vegapunk AND Kizaru mystery! Eiichiro Oda takes alot of foreshadowing and time in order to build the Anime and Manga known as One Piece. Today 333VIL explores why Kizaru will be an enemy in the next arc, Egghead Island. Kizaru’s past during Sabaody and Marineford undeniably plays a huge role in the story. From Pacifistas, to Dark King Rayleigh, to Shanks coming at wano… there are so many clues and foreshadowing. Kizaru is lying to everyone. If you read this far, his the like button on the video.

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  1. I like kizaru, he just kinda shows up and does his job then I suppose goes home and smokes a shit ton of weed

  2. Let’s gooooo! I need this vid on my lunch break😎

  3. I have figured out the secret behind Red Haired Shanks' immense power

    He is an Uzumaki

  4. Aw yeah I get to be Like 666 hahaha what fun!

  5. Kizaru is gonna get his azz busted by my man luffy

  6. thanks for this but i would like to see kizaru fight sanji ,, instead of antithesis, it would be ideal for them to fight as people with similarities (e.g color),, wearing yellow and both can fly, kizaru uses some kicks attacks just like sanji and speaking of color, zorro can fight Green bull, and akainu for luffy,, if aokiji will still gonna fight strawhat,,, jinbei can try to fight him hahaha

    Sanji(yellow) vs kizaro (yellow)
    zoro(green) vs amaraki green bull
    jinbei (blue) vs aokiji kuzan (blue)
    luffy (red) vs Akainu (red)… WTF

  7. Scooper gaban will introduce himself and we will all be like WOW. Scooper gaban will fight him and it will be a very fair fight.

  8. Completely random speculation: Kizaru dedicated his whole life to getting close enough to Imu to kill him. Saying this because he reminds me of Gin Ichimaru.

  9. I have a theory no one's ready for. Based on the hanuman myths yama gave him immortality. What if I told you that BB will take laws devil fruit for the personality swap to take imus body but will fail. Luffy will fight BB but and talk about his true dream which will resonate with BB. I have a feeling the D members have different goals etc but the dream all leads to the same place. I say this because I think BB will later join luffy in a war against imu and after luffy almost dies BB will use the immortality technique from the ope ope no mi knowing luffy is the only one that can do it. I know it's crazy but just imagine the roller coaster if oda did this

  10. Maybe kizaru won't fight the strawhats. He would see them as to much stress even if he is the strongest in the one piece world, they are far stronger than what he can take down easily. So kizaru would most likely ignore them if they aren't causing trouble.

  11. Time Luffy defeated an Admiral already, no need for an anthesis.

  12. here is a theory. Sabo dies and luffy gets the mera mera no mi back. However, after meeting with vegapunk, luffy will be able to eat another devil fruit which he then eats the mera mera no mi and finally becomes the sun god. do you think that could be possible?

  13. I'm just waiting for Oda to tell us ye's just high all the time

  14. 考察動画やってます!よかったら見てみてください!宜しくお願い致します

  15. Luffy could fight blackbeard actuallyi wouldnt be surprised .he may even lose ..i dont see a problem luffy fighting blackbeard twice..but the next time when they fight after blackbeard fought shanks..i dont see luffy ever losing again like against kaido about 5 gonna get it done in one..but I do think if he fights kizaru it is gonna get to an extreme diff..oda didnt save kizaru for like 650 or some chapters just to get no diffed

  16. I think luffy gera 5 is not nika full potential because nika was sun god and i think white smokes of gear 5 turn into flames🔥🔥🔥 in future which be true Awakening of NIKA. what are your thought of this

  17. I’ve always felt that Kizaru/Borsalino was the strongest of the admirals; or at least that his devil fruit is the strongest. Dude can move at the speed of light AND shoot lasers.

  18. Top 4 blackbeard and eeeeemmme a problem

  19. Bruh kizaru is literally the general that appears on all one piece movie

  20. Have a feeling Ben Beckman will be in this arc(just him) cause he has a lot of smarts and has some relations with kizaru in some sort of way

  21. something i would love to see on egghead island would be zoro and sanji mid diffing kizaru, showing how fats we’ve come since the last time the crew met kizaru

  22. Luffy top 1 gotta be a joke
    And like Shanks is barely top 5
    Kizaru vs Luffy is a good fight
    Luffy would win with Extreme diff

  23. What if IMU is the actual SUN GOD NIKA?! What if ALL of LUFFY'S attacks are based on an ANCIENT WEAPON!?? Since we can tell the difference between when Luffy uses regular attacks like "pistol" and upgrades "jet pistol", we can start there. I feel like when Luffy uses attacks like RED HAWK, he uses a small part of his SUN GOD NIKA ability. When Luffy used "RED ROC", we can see how it could be the flame of the sun versus being regular fire like "RED HAWK". Now if we look into mythology we can see a ROC is a giant BIRD that RIVALED DRAGONS. On a side note, URANUS is the father of ZEUS. ZEUS had the ability to turn into an EAGLE and had the power of lighting . NOW, Zeus' father URANUS could be a THUNDERBIRD or a ROC, which could tie into the idea of URANUS could be a GIANT BIRD. If IMU is SUN GOD NIKA, they could have the ability to control this GIANT BIRD just as in the same way he as joy boy could've had the same eyes and ability to control ZUNESHA. Now back to the ANCIENT WEAPON theory. If URANUS is a GIANT BIRD, from the idea if Zeus could turn into Eagle, Zeus was the God of the Sky, his father had to turn into a giant bird, his name is Uranus, Uranus could be a ROC, and ROCS' rival DRAGONS. It could be hinted through Luffys' move RED ROC and might be the reason why IMU is able to control URANUS, R-O-C-k-s D. XEBEC going against the celestial "DRAGONS". (IMU might have a version of the NIKA FRUIT since we know devil fruits have variations in their type. Like levels of Fire like AKAINU fruit and SABO fruit. Or IMU could is NIKA himself, (Rocks D. Xebec, if he is IMU, possibly being a direct descendant of Nika). Uranus, the father to the God of the SKY, (SHANKS BEING COMPARED TO "TYRE" THE GOD OF THE SKY IN NORSE MYTHOLOGY)(IMU POSSIBLY BEING "R-O-C…k-s", and Shanks possibly being the son of R-O-C-k-s who RIVALED the celestial DRAGONS) URANUS, "THE FATHER OF THE GOD OF THE SKY", COULD BE CONTROLED BY IMU! We know Oda likes to mash characters up to make characters in the story, thus, clashing IMU with the idea of Uranus and Rocs, and Possibly being Rocks D. Xebec. ZUNESHA could be hinted as a " ANCIENT WEAPON", through Luffys' move "ELEPHANT GUN/ ELEPHANT GATLING"! His Gear 4 Snakeman could be based on POSEIDON, who is PRINCESS SHIRAHOSHI, ability to control SEA KINGS which are basically SEA SERPENTS, and SERPENT being SNAKE-like. That could be a nudge toward Luffy's move KING COBRA to make the comparison to Sea KINGS, which might be a subconscious telling from his Devil Fruit. PLUTON could be a LION. (Which might be the SUNNY). Now, since FRANKY and ICEBERG finished building the SUNNY after the other Shipwrights left, and they're the only two who knew the blueprints of PLUTON. Iceberg and FRANKY could have made the SUNNY into a new version or idea based off of the original PLUTON, which might be a battleship ship or submarine with a giant cannon and a lion face. It could be the reason they made the Face of the sunny a friendly Lion face to fool the viewers with the idea of the original Pluton possibly having a REALISTIC LION FACE even though it could be a hint toward Luffy being the sun god way back at water 7. If this is true then PLUTON would be based on Luffy's move "LEO B-A-Z-O-O-K-A" if the new PLUTON is the SUNNY. Then, Luffys' other attacks could be a hint towards his devil fruit subconsciously in it's own way, "since Luffy learns best THROUGH FIGHTING", what the other ANCIENT WEAPONS could be ! Just a THEORY. . . .

  24. wow brother its so good to see someone who watches one piece in english Dub do theories like these . i know that the dub didnt finish so did u watch the remaining eps in Sub or did u read manga?

  25. I think Kizaru is definitely gonna show because in chapter 601 Luffy tells Sentomaru that he will be seeing him again.

  26. yo that YouTube tab that came up was hilarious
    You won't believe the move kizaru will make on Luffy and Vegapunk

  27. I can't tell u how much I love your vids bro. They're fire everytime. Much love and respect for u! Keep it up

  28. If you look at the flag ussop made and turn it upside down it look like egghead pirates flag

  29. The content just always slaps, one after another of pure bangers 🔥

  30. I can also imagine Vegapunk going up to the Strawhats like "You owe me one, you know?" for making Kuma help them.

  31. I feel like luffy would backhand an admiral atp 😂

  32. Maybe, just maybe it's time we finally meet the left hand man of Roger "scooper gabaan" or the only other character i can think of showing up is kuzan aokiji

  33. Wouldn't be interested trio marine monster are working for sword and Revolutionary Army.

  34. Okay and what makes you think Koby knows where Vegapunks is? Marine Captain or not that's not something anyone below Vice Admiral should know aside from Sentomaru. I will say it's possible that Koby knows where Vegapunks is given the fact that he is Garps student and it is very possible that Garp told him but I think its very unlikely that Garp would go into that much detail about Vegapunks whereabouts.

  35. "Easily the most terrifying admiral we know" Such subjectiveness SMH

  36. 🤣it seems everyone is confused with power scalling of one piece, kizaru is no where near current luffy

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