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I am playing venge.io but if I miss I have to end the video, how long will I last? How many kills will I get before I miss? I start on the map Xibalba, and I am using the sniper rifle in this gameplay so that it is obvious if I miss a snipe. Hopefully my sniping is good haha..

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  1. i am aloso a god at this game its very poli

  2. The exact moment when a dashball new vid notification came that very moment I forgot about my 21 kill streak
    RIP my streak RIP nuke but never miss dashball

  3. lets go recycling content into different games

  4. Dash ur wicked u know u too op bro keep up the good work love ur vids btw

  5. you couldnt have ended the video in a better way lmfao

  6. every shooter game dash plays he instantly becomes a god

  7. if you add me i will give you rare sniper skin

  8. Lmfaoooo nooooooo wayyyyyyy lol I like how he ended the video with “I regret my life choices” the guy was standing still feel bad man

  9. Zach: Video ends when I miss
    Me: Well there goes 5 hours of my life

  10. U da bomb bruh!! Also please try ev.io and merczone they are awesome browser games

  11. Hi, I'm new to your channel, it seemed good to me, I also play Venge, maybe we can play and you can give me your configuration, I want to be like you and your videos are super

  12. Your good u should make more venge.I’m videos

  13. I play this game in my first time i am just throwwing bomb

  14. lets play a match togeather….i am from india..

  15. I can't believe you missed that shot 4:18 ?!!? TBH I would have missed literally more than half of those…

  16. i love your Venge.io videos and im your biggest fan and how did you get aimbot legally in this video as you said in first?

  17. คนนี่ก็เล่นโดนยิงเต็มๆ

  18. well if you played with good players your video would have ended in 1 min lol

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