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I made a MAP in Venge.io

ZB Stepps
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I made my very own map in venge.io! Make sure to check it out!

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Discord = ZB Stepps#5094

0:00 Intro
0:42 Showing what’s done
1:24 Making the Map
2:47 Finished Map
4:03 Outro


  1. hi i am not able to find your map in custom also

  2. xDDDD i love the humor in this and the edits. Your a true madlad

  3. SICK! try out making another also join vfd[clan]

  4. Wow that's awesome you are so cool and amazing

  5. I see me dab. this is already a certified classic 10/10

  6. I am really Happy after some many time ur are back🤩

  7. The thumbnail is a piece of art, I just cant get enough of Big brain Lilium

    That sure made a nice meme template ;D

  8. I Played ur Map
    It was Literally Awesome dude 🔥💪

  9. Here I am from venge I was thestronghulk

  10. I love to see the creative process behind map making! please do a sequel!

  11. Ive been subscribed since 2017 hand over the v bucks

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