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I Hired A Pro To Play For Me In Venge.io

Dry Cloud
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in this video, dry cloud hires a pro to play for him.
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  1. Comment and have a chance to win 10K VG 🎉

  2. Dang… I got less deaths than R7AN? On bad settings??? That's a dub for me tbh

  3. Me watching this video:

    Me: : )

    My skills: : /

    My internet:

  4. can you make a video on how to fix lag on venge but i play on PC and theres no lag on there and im trying to fix lag on my chromebook

  5. why dont u hire tphins god of this game and u can hire BBinod_AE

  6. Dayum can i be in the next one? Twitch: Elytraboi

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