I Got 100 Kills In Venge.io !! (Hard) | Skulleray - 2dsquirrel.com

I Got 100 Kills In Venge.io !! (Hard) | Skulleray

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It didn’t take that long as I could get 20-30 kills easy in 1 match of venge.io but I actually got banned for using hacks in the game to show my friends.. well after the update it was alright and fine also don’t count me as a hacker cuz I only used hacks 1 time in the game 🙂 huge thanks to all my supporters out there 😀 lets look if we can reach to 75 subs by 2022
(Side Note: This Video Took 1 hour and 35 mins to upload to YouTube)
– Skulleray


  1. u know i killed u in 1v1 lol imy username is doir ''/

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