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I Finally Defeated my teacher on venge.io

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I beated my teacher on Christmas. #vengeio #venge #giveaway


  1. Coaching : 0:51 positioning is bad , should be patient because he has a scar on , jump peeking so u should peek from different angles but not rushing like a dog / 1:10 good positioning / 1:19 u should bring out tec9 as long as u whiffed ur sniping shots because most likely players will rush with a tec9 and thier abilities/1:40 i saw his head but i am not sure if you saw it/1:44 ok but i do not suggest scoping while moving especially in a big angle / 2:01 u should be aware of 2 different angles that are very close and try to use building to hide your self from another angle or u can retreat back to market so u won't get killed/ 2:11 no register cuz he fall down and the bullet didnt reach him / 2:19 good choice for no rushing him / das it , no comment afterwards because loser rishi joined the game.

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