How to use the TEC-9 in VENGE.IO -

How to use the TEC-9 in VENGE.IO

ZB Stepps
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Tec-9 Guide for yous, any thoughts type them in the comments. Hope you enjoyed 🙂


  1. Ayyy, nice to see you're back, really funny video lol. I tend to prefer strafing over jumping around like a maniac, but whatever works. Also, at long ranges, I recommend switching to scar, then using tec for those mid and close range scenarios as you said, you can easily swap weapons by pressing e to cancel your reload, then pressing 1 for the scar or 3 for the sniper or 2 for the shotty if you're crazy xD. But great video nonetheless! I love using tec-9 personally and have been shredding with it recently.

  2. Best way to beat solo versus team of 2 in minecart level

  3. Can't hold a candle to my garfield kart video smh

  4. great video as always from the fallen god of venge, but you see we are too stupid to use other weapons other than the scar. #scargang

  5. Oi oi oi. It is the ZB the Stepps. Back at it again.

  6. I've been Tec-9 main since day 1 now, so I didn't really need this, but it's still extremely entertaining.
    One thing I've noticed tho is that u didn't mention how to control the spread bc it's going to the right of the crosshair and is about as high and wide as a player. Overall very good vid! 👍

  7. I have a question in general. How do u make ur videos?

  8. Next, How to use sniper plz, i don't know how to use sniper:((

  9. Why dont u do a video on the best chracters in venge and why

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