How to use the Shotgun in -

How to use the Shotgun in

ZB Stepps
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Shotgun Guide for Venge. Hope you enjoy 🙂


  1. Can you fix this error? the error is as follows this morning i log into vive io both on wed and the app download and no server works i press play but wait for about 5 minutes but no one comes in and continues like that no one has entered the room hope you help

  2. You should make a full song out of just Venge shotgun noises like the last part of the video, xD

  3. hm good good try get to the leaderboard with max send

  4. ok, now tec-9. Or I come to your house with a plasma skined shotgun lmao

  5. ur way underrated, u deserve more my man 😀

  6. hey can u make a video on how to add a friend, i know how to invite someone but i dont know how to add someone, thanks, have a good day 😀

  7. Great commentary mate and editing loved the vid 😀👍👍

  8. Venge Username Mexikano Play me kids

  9. For anyone watching this now. I main the shotgun and average 28 kills per game. BUT NOTE THIS. YOU NEED, and I mean NEEEEEEEEED, to aim in with the shotgun now. The spread is reduced and the damage goes up by like 100X. trust me.

  10. Krunker and venge right now :
    ''oMg, yOu aRe a sHoTgUn mAiN??!?!?!?! OMG, YOU'rE A NOOB, iMaGiNe uSiNg sHotGun.''

  11. hola, si alguien quiere entrar a un clan hispano que me hable al discord vrandito#7330, se llama clan HELL y es global top 37

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