How to get VG in -

How to get VG in

ZB Stepps
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Is your VG balance -3878438? This video is for you!

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  1. why did they remove xibalba?account Mechtavius4 pls gift

  2. srtykjhgfdertyu'fdrkl';lkjghfgdkl;';lkjhgl;'[plokijuytyulo;'';lkjhgftyul;'';lkjl;'';lk

  3. Hey Gunchi I use your creator code but it said tomogunchi will share your payment

  4. man i know this is prob to late but could i get some vg also i got a mythic skin what should i sell it for?

  5. oops sorry i went till the end of the video and i herd what u said sorry:(

  6. Nice video my guy always love them hope u get 1k soon , and congrulations on being verified

  7. I am very happy to see you making a video after 1 year.😍😁

  8. Legends say yasin84 is still waiting for someone to buy his Blaze Scar
    btw nice vid
    and Code Endr is superior

  9. lol, he salute me for easter eggs. but this time make me win again lol

  10. This verified bro, nicee! I wish I was still in Texas when I wrote this comment, but still, I'm commenting not for VG tho I'm poor 🙂
    Always support you <3

  11. I will show u how to get even more vg donate vg on ur alt grind level 20 on it (I spend my vg in a day)then donate it back if u neeeeeeeed it

  12. Ay pal, it's me Jimmy from the chat, I'd like some vg mate, cheers. Also, could you do a venge video on how to be a pro gamer like yoursel? Cheers, thanks bye

  13. I’d like some vg I’m new to the game and would like a video showing the best strategy’s I don’t need vg just would like some thanks 🙂

  14. the first 35 who will join cybr clan will be rewarded with 15k vg

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