How to download on PC for Free | Venge official Client | -

How to download on PC for Free | Venge official Client |

SilverKnight VENGE
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Note: If your PC is a low end pc then you may not get Frame rates as shown in the Video.
Venge username: SilverKnight007
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  1. When I download it it works fine, but when I exit the game and try to play again, it says "javascript error"Pls help. Thanks!

  2. When I was trying to install it , it is coming that Windows have protected your PC

  3. bro my venge is not working its been a year and some other io games i think its server problem tell me how to fix it

  4. Can someone explain to me how to make my name colorful?

  5. bro can u pls do a tutorial on how to download client in linux

  6. my pc is not low end pc so why my venge client sometime so so so laggy please tell me

  7. i do everything like u but when i install my pc say: ur pc cant run this client😢

  8. Thanks brother ……… i was just waitin for this!!!

  9. Yeah this actually works now I am getting much beter fps and my gameplay is much better now

  10. Lo descargue pero en la aplicación de PC descargado estaba mas lento pero mejor es en Google xd

  11. I play on school computer or on my school tablet so I can't get venge client 🙁

  12. How long does it ttake for the file too downloiad takes a bit for me

  13. i have downloaded it, it has a lot of functions but in terms of FPS it is not as I expected only 30-51 FPS while in the browser 60 FPS hope you have a way to recover. This is information about my machine i5 6200u, ram 4, HDD 500 GB

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